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M.D. 2023

"I have seen some psychologists in the past but my experience here was not always good. A lot of homework was given and there was a lot of "have to" involved. This made even more energy demanded of me and I didn't like that. I expected this to be the same with Elke but I was wrong! Elke gives very useful tools that I can apply anywhere (in the store, on the road or when I go to sleep). These tools give more relaxation than effort and that is exactly what I need so badly in this period. I am very happy to be able to turn to someone who listens to me. She asks questions that I don't always have ready answers to but when she zooms in further, the right answers still come up."

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Ine Meyers 2023

"It is with her that I allowed my emotions for the first time. I also notice that I deal with setbacks differently now. Where in the past I would seek distraction, now I focus on my feelings. For example, yesterday I received bad news. The emotion comes in and I let it out. I notice that I feel lighter and the emotion subsides faster. I AM ALLOWED TO FEEL BAD. This is something I learned from coaching. It used to feel like a shame towards the children. Now I dare indicate when I don't feel good for a moment. Then they know that mom needs a little more space and that they shouldn't take it personally if mom is a little "short-tempered".

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Lisa Jaenen 2023

"Before I decided to pursue coaching, my biggest fear was that I was going to have to change my whole life. On the other hand, I also had a fear that I would not find answers to my questions because it had also happened in the past that coaching was limited to words and no actions. Elke made me realize that my answers are present in small things. Small changes did make a world of difference for me. In addition, Elke put me to work each time with exercises. The exercises further encouraged me to elaborate on my goals or plans. This is the first time I started to concretely translate my goals and plans into actions."

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Sarah Grobben 2022 - 2023 

With Elke I always feel heard, she listens with great attention and lets me tell my story. She also often makes me think about questions someone else doesn't usually ask me, which are therefore often confrontational and more difficult, but that just gives the many insights.

After each coaching session I leave with a light feeling, a lot of new insights, sometimes also a lot of new ideas, and every time I am eager to go back. I am always curious to learn more about myself and to see what tools I can use to discover and tackle things.

Hannefrone 2022-2023

"I was actually looking for a standard psychologist. Yet, I was also looking for a psychologist who wanted to have the session while walking. It soon became clear that Elke was the right choice for me. She is a very sweet, funny and understanding coach who listens to you without judgment. During the first session I quickly became emotional where Elke really gave me time and space. The fact that it is not always necessary gives a lot of peace. She helps think with me and also encourages what you are good at and what you want to achieve. In short Elke is the best and I would not know of another and better coach."

Jessica Moermans 2022

"What Elke does has real impact. I especially liked the added value of you bouncing the ball back very often and then I had to look/search for the answer in myself. This helped me get to know myself better!"

Farah Vandewal 2022

"I followed career coaching. Only great things have come out of it. First Elke helps you "find yourself", get to know yourself, what is important to me and what am I looking for. And everything that came out of it was true to me."

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Alexandra B. - 2021

"So mindblowing and intense, pure and real. Elke, thank you. Gratitude is something I feel when I think back to my coaching period and a lot of strength and love. It has undoubtedly been super nice and beautiful journey. You are GREAT!"

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